After Neighbors Called The Cops On These Kids For Mowing A Lawn, They Went Viral For The Best Possible Reason

First we had #BBQBecky, then #PermitPatty and #BurritoBob and now another white person has called the police for one of the dumbest reasons ever.

It all started when 53-year-old Lucille Holt saw a kid named Reggie along with his siblings. They were hanging outside a dollar store with lawn care equipment when Holt saw them. She told Buzzfeed, “To see him with everything, to be that equipped, it caught my attention.”

She then asked Reggie and his siblings if they could mow her lawn. They said yes and off they went!

Holt loved the kid’s work ethic and even began a Facebook live of the kids doing great work! She comments, “It looks like he’s struggling a little bit but he’s doing his thing.

But after that video went up, she put up a second one and she was blown away by what just had happened. She wrote on Facebook:

“Ok so the neighbors called the police because they said a part of my yard is their property which is PASS THE DRIVEWAY and the kids cut the grass and they were really big mad 😡. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. The police going to tell me to have the city to come out to do a property inspection…ummm I DON’T THINK SO SIR…he’s the one with the issue he need the burden of proof. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!”

Image Via Facebook

Apparently these white people were repeat offenders to Holt, because she said in a different comment that this wasn’t the first time. They had once called the police because her kids were “throwing snowballs.” It’s safe to say the internet did a collective:


The white people saw that the kids mowed a portion of their lawn on accident and figured that was enough of a reason to call police. I can’t believe the 911 dispatcher didn’t just hang up on them.

But like many of these situations, they persevered. In fact Holt started a GoFundMe to help Reggie with his lawn mowing business. She wrote:

“Reggie is a 12 yr old who started his own business cutting grass. I paid him to come cut my grass and the neighbors called the police on him. Reggie was getting discouraged at first until a “live” video I posted went viral nationwide.”

Image Via Facebook

The original goal was a simple $1,000 but it has gotten traction and is almost at $50,000! Reggie’s story must have resonated with the people because they said things like:

“This is the real America: people helping other people. Keep up the amazing, fantastic job, Reggie!! This story is so inspiring!”

“I love your spirit and desire to create your own business and want to support you in it, we need more people like you Reggie. Keep. going. We love you and have your back 100%.”

“good for you for being a self-starter and making your family proud! You’re a great role model for kids EVERYWHERE (of any and every background)! Keep on keepin’ on, little man”

Not only is the internet proud of Reggie and his siblings, but his own mom is as well. She told Fox 13:

“I’m so very proud of my son. I think it is so amazing how everyone is so supportive from all over the country.”

Image Via Facebook

If you wanna follow Reggie and his journey take a look at his Facebook page here or donate to the GoFundMe here!