Mormon Mom Of Six Goes Viral On Who Is Really Responsible For Unwanted Pregnancies

Blogger and designer Gabrielle Blair understands women are usually the ones at fault for wanting to end unplanned pregnancies. But she feels there is another group that should take the blame: Men who irresponsibly orgasm.

Blair, a Morman mother of six, challenged Twitter in a viral thread on how we all should shift the way we see unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.

Blair continues to share that the responsibility and weight (quite literally) falls on women. And while birth control is a fantastic tool that aids women in exercising their own rights, they are not immune from side affects such as nausea, mood changes, breast tenderness, headaches, migraines, decreased libido, and weight gain to name just a few.

The mother of six also linked an NPR article on how the male birth control pill was swiftly shut down after men complained of side effects such as acne and weight gain.

Blair shares in her thread the list of side effects for men were close to 1/3 as long as the known side effects for women’s oral contraception – additionally noting how birth control requires a prescription and can also get pricey.

She continues on to say if women are not comfortable taking the pill, the other alternative, affordable and fast-track option without huge side effects, are condoms.

But in the name of putting male pleasure above females, condoms are not always used – with some men even refusing to “pull out” as it feels better not to.

Blair coins this as “irresponsible ejaculation” and shares how mind-boggling and disturbing it is that men are willing to risk the life, health and well-being of women in order to experience 5 seconds of pleasure.

She continues on, stating that women can orgasm without penetrative sex or ejaculation and that it is, in fact, the male orgasm that causes unwanted pregnancy – not female sexuality. And for that reason alone, Blair says focusing on male behavior could potentially have a huge impact on abortion and unwanted pregnancy rates.

Blair then pushes the envelope even further asking the internet the bold question: what if men’s bodies were ordered around in the same way women’s are and if a pregnancy were seen as male responsibility equal to a female one? What if men were required by law to get a vasectomy at puberty? Blair states later in life, they could always reverse it if they decided they wanted children.

She also adds the vasectomies could be potentially painful and invasive, but it would be no different than a woman going to her doctor’s appointment to secure birth control and live with the side effects of the pill.

Blair and her family. Image courtesy of Twitter.

The unapologetic thread quickly went viral and many women Twitter users thanked Blair for her raw, open letter.

Blair had mentioned on her blog that she had originally written the thread months ago but had been cautious to hit “share.” The mother shared that she was able to open up and hit the publish button after hearing many men discuss women’s reproductive rights related to the Kavanaugh hearings.

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