Patrons Tell Applebee’s Waitress ‘We Don’t Tip Black People’

After a woman’s daughter, who is a waitress at Applebees in Radcliffe, Kentucky, was a left with a racist note instead of a tip, mama bear took to social media to defend her daughter.

Regina E. Boone, the mother of Jasmine Brewer, posted a picture of the horrifying message, which was written on the back of a napkin after Brewer waited on a table of four at Applebee’s

The note said, “We don’t tip black people.”


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Regina started her post with a reference to the NFL protests against racism and police brutality, saying:

“THIS IS WHY THEY KNEEL! You think racism does not exist, IT DOES! This was left for MY BABY tonight at Applebee’s in Radcliff. I don’t accept or tolerate disrespect! I’m furious but I know there’s a God in heaven who sits high and looks low! Racial and social justice! I kneel at the cross and stand for the pledge but racism is real! Take a look in the mirror. Are you strong enough to stand against it? I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE!”


The post has over 1.5K likes and has been shared 1.9K times, with the comment section full of support for the Applebees waitress.

One user shared a touching note of encouragement for the stiffed waitress.

“I just saw your story on Facebook and had to find you to tell you that me and my entire family love[s] you girl! You are a smart, bright and intelligent young Black woman with an incredible future in your hands! Unfortunately, there are gonna be ignorant and small minded people in this world…fortunately there are more people like you and your mother who give the rest of us the courage and strength to stand strong in the face of evil, stupidity and cowardliness! Thank you for sharing your story and shining a light on what needs to be shined on in this world!”


Folks were so moved by the injustice, that one man even tweeted out how he wanted to give the waitress $500 to show how much she was appreciated, asking for WAVE’s help to find Jasmine.


Another user shared her own hurtful, racist experience.

“How sad that there are such horrible people in the world. I was on a dominantly black college campus a while back and was horrified to experience racism for myself as a white woman, especially since I’d always been against racist behavior against any minority group. Now that I’ve been on the receiving end, I’m not just sympathetic but empathetic as well. I hope you and your daughter do not allow this experience to taint your views! Best to you both!”


Regina shared with WAVE how the overwhelming amount of love and support gave her hope.

“What it says is that there’s good in this world,” she said. “Not everyone sees color as the first thing they see when they meet someone.”

We support you Jasmine and stand by you!


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