Adolf Hitler Allegedly Escaped To Argentina According To Expert With ‘Proof’

According to history, Adolf Hitler died by suicide at the end of World War II.

But Gerrad Williams thinks otherwise.

An investigative journalist, film-maker and author, Williams believes Hitler escaped to Argentina and lived another 16 years after the war.


Williams findings has inspired others to send in death threats for the collected evidence Williams says is plenty to prove his point.

Hitler’s alleged ‘suicide’ was reportedly followed by the bodies of both he and Eva Braun, which was burned to ashes with petrol.

Williams shared with UNILAD:

“That doesn’t work because you need to get a body to something like 3,000°c in crematorium before it goes to ashes.

When the Russians arrive they find no bodies like this. They do a bit later, funnily enough, but they don’t find any bodies at the time, and the BBC reporter, Thomas Cadet, who’s there says the Russians have been given no bodies that they believe to be Adolf Hitler.

There is no mention of Eva Braun at all, and yet ‘over there’ are Joseph and Magda Goebbels, and they’ve been covered with petrol, and they’ve been set alight, and you can still tell it’s ‘Joey the Crip’, as they used to call him, and Magda.”


Williams’ argument is full of very specific details, including an escape route to Argentina with Hitler allegedly fleeing via plane to Denmark and then, from Denmark to General Franco’s Nazi-sympathizing Spain, then to Fuerteventura, which led him to the Argentinian lake town of San Carlos de Bariloche.

Williams believes that Hilter eventually died on February 13, 1962, being ‘tormented, demented, and betrayed’ after a series of heart attacks.


Williams says that this can be backed up by a German pilot Peter Baumgart.

The co-author of Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler explained:

“We have the reports from Peter Baumgart; Baumgart is arrested but as part of his defence he explains his war history…and at the end of the war that he flew Hitler, and Eva, and a number of other people to Tønder in Denmark.

He sees them board another plane and fly to Reus, just outside Barcelona. General Franco is very tight with Hitler and so he supplies an aircraft of the Spanish Air Force which flies them to Fuerteventura, to Villa Winter, and from Villa Winter they board a convoy of three submarines.

When they get to the coast [of Argentina] they stay overnight at a ranch called Moromar, and then on Moromar, it’s still there at the Estancia, is an airfield and they fly from that airfield to a place just outside San Carlos de Bariloche, which is owned by the Nazi ambassador to Chile.”


So why exactly would Nazis head to South America? In William’s opinion, to rebuild.

Williams stressed to UNILAD that the Nazi party was receiving funds directly from the Eichhorn family, who ran a hotel in Argentina which offered a level of prestige similar to that of the Titanic.

He shared:

“If it hadn’t been for the Eichhorns the Nazi party could never have happened. So the roots of Nazism are as deep in Argentina as they ever were in Nazi Germany.

Places like San Carlos de Bariloche, I’ve woken up there, looked out of the window and thought I was in Bavaria.

The level of German penetration, Nazi penetration, into Argentina is incredible, just incredible. If they hadn’t been funded by the Eichhorns they may never have come to power.”

Whether it is true or not, you have to admit — Williams makes for a very interesting argument. What do you think?


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