David Schwimmer’s Hilarious Response To Identified UK Thief That Is Literally His Doppelganger

If you haven’t heard already, police in the UK have been furiously searching for an alleged thief who was truly Ross Geller’s doppelganger from the cult-following sitcom, Friends.

And finally — they believe that man has been identified and want to speak to him.


The Blackpool Police had released the captured images of the thief on social media — showing the man clutching a crate of beer.

The posting quickly garnered thousands of comments and as you can imagine, most of them were in relation to how much the thief looks just like actor David Schwimmer.


When the photo was first released, Schwimmer joked how he was currently in the USA at the time.

And the Blackpool Police have since thanked the public for all their help in the matter, saying:

“Could we BE any more overwhelmed with the response to our CCTV appeal about a theft at a restaurant in Blackpool? Most importantly, we’re now satisfied we’ve identified the man in the still & our enquiries are very much continuing. Huge thanks for sharing it with your Friends.”


Last Wednesday, Schwimmer responded to the picture by posting a video to his Twitter that showed him rushing through a shop while holding a carton of beer just before looking up at a CCTV camera.

The caption of the video read:

“Officers, I swear it wasn’t me. As you can see, I was in New York.”


The caption continued, saying: “To the hardworking Blackpool Police, good luck with the investigation.”

And the comments folks left under the original post (that has since been removed)— well, let’s just say they were comedy gold.

But don’t fret, the same-level of wisecracks were made under Schwimmer’s Twitter and we are sharing the wealth below for your amusement.

Top favorite witty, comments include:

“If he needs an alibi..I’ll be there for him.”

“The police report was probably 18 pages. FRONT AND BACK!”

“Mistaken identity on camera?! I mean, it’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy, and it is a big deal…”

“It could have been Russ, Ross.”

“Hey, this is what you get when you’re ON A BREAK.”

“It’s Russ! He took Julie on vacation to London where they broke up. He continued to live there and fell for Emily when she bailed from her wedding after leaving Ross that voicemail. They got divorced and this is Russ’s “MY SANDWICH” phase. Russ is parallel universe Ross.”


One user photoshopped the thief into a shot from Friends and won the internet….

While another made took it to the next level…

The Blackpool Police also joined in on the fun, commenting:

“Thank you to everyone for your speedy responses. We have investigated this matter thoroughly and have confirmed that David Schwimmer was in America on this date. We’re so sorry it has to be this way.”

But thankfully, despite all the funny comments and shenanigans — it turned out in the best way a.k.a. finding the real culprit….because WE WERE ON A BREAK.


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