The Wall Trump Promised To Build Is Being Crowdfunded By These Women And The Responses Are Making Us Ugly-Cry-Laugh

A pro-Trump group who is dedicated to singing Donald Trump’s praises (literally) in an off-putting, twangy-style-type-propaganda is attempting to crowdfund the wall Trump promised to build.

And no, I am not kidding though I wish I were.

The group goes by the name of “The Deplorable Choir” and they are known for singing songs like this one:

If ‘yeesh’ is what you are thinking and feeling, ‘yeesh’ is right.

The group has recently put out their newest YouTube single, “Build The Wall Song.”

“Let’s help our GREAT president get the D*MN funds!

We partnered with American border foundation who has a 501c3 that was created so WE CAN CROWDFUND THE WALL!!

Text ‘wall’ to 444-999 to donate OR visit”

Image via YouTube

In the song, if you don’t have the stomach to watch it — the group pushes a false anti-immigrant narrative (immigrants commit crimes at lower levels than native-born Americans) as well as blame Mexico for the opioid epidemic.

Despite the president of the United States vowing to have Mexico pay for the wall, the 501(c)3 group says they are raising money themselves for the “America Border Foundation.”

The Department of Homeland Security has already told the foundation “thanks but no thanks” for their attempted contributions.

Image via YouTube

“[W]hile we appreciate the support of the America Border Foundation towards our efforts in securing our nation’s borders, we, unfortunately, do not have the resources to process external donations at this time,” the letter read.


So the Woke Sloth did some investigating and discovered that The America Border Foundation’s managing director is a QAnon believer.

These types of groups are not really supposed to use the money on political activities.

And because the government is going to take their money — the funds will be most likely used for other things.

Image via YouTube

But in the good news category, the song was torn apart on Twitter and for your viewing pleasure, we have included the very best comments below…

“We went from “Mexico is going to pay for the wall” to “Please help crowdfund the wall” so f*cking fast”

“They’re going to buy so many jet skis with those donations.”

“Why the F*CK are they using the playbill illustration from Les Mis?”

“This is what pumpkin spice latte would sound like if it could sing.”

Image via YouTube

“Will someone please fund an NIH study on the relationship between cheap single process hair dye and lower IQs?”

“Lets build a wall around you and then the problem is solved for everyone.”

“1) No I do not want a “wall” 2) 3 people isn’t a choir 3) Any “wall” would not be made of bricks since we have concrete and lastly 4) Giving a petulant child what he wants is not good for anybody especially if the child is 74 year old who is the worst president in US History.”

And my personal favorite…

“Things that sound better than this:

-Cat hacking a fur ball

-My dog farting

-17 people vomiting in unison

-Billy Ray Cyrus

-A bird flying into a window”

Sorry ladies, better luck next time.

Image via YouTube

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