Dogs in desperate need of attention call the cops 16 times

Remy and Bomber are two very attention-loving doggos who will do anything to get what they want.

And when I say anything, I mean anything.

….like calling the cops sixteen times for head scratches and belly rubs.

The Lakeville Police Department in Minnesota received an odd phone call earlier in the month when a 911 dispatcher answered the phone and was met with silence on the other end of the line.

Twitter/Lakeville Police

The bizarre incident only became well, more bizarre when officers Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares arrived at the location of the calls but the house was locked and appeared empty.

But both officers knew that scenario was next to impossible.

“By the time we got there they had gotten three more 911 calls in that span of time,” Officer Roberts shared with The Dodo. “In a couple of them they heard dogs barking in the background, but no human voices at all.”

Both officers left after a walk around the property — but the calls continued.

Roberts then decided to return and attempt to make contact just one last time.

She then discovered a cell phone number for the homeowner and obtained the code for the garage.

Twitter/Lakeville Police

“I was more concerned because I thought there was a human in there who can’t talk or move and just keeps calling for help,” Roberts said. “I never thought it was the dogs, that’s for sure.”

As soon as she came into the home, she was met with a hound mix as well as his Papillion friend.

The two doggos seemed a bit shy about the trouble they had started but were ultimately, were very happy with the end result.

“They barked at first and then they were a little timid,” Roberts said. “But that didn’t last very long. They just wanted to be pet and they were super friendly.”

Fox 9

Roberts came into the home office and was surprised to find a forgotten cell phone lay on the desk.

“It was on ‘emergency call only,’ so the dogs would have only had to hit the screen with their paw or their nose and that would have enabled them to call 911,” Roberts shared.

Roberts alleged that the approximately 45-pound hound could have reached the phone if he did stand on his hind legs or jumped up on the desk chair to reach the phone.

And even the dog’s owner thought the explanation for the 911 call unlikely.

“He didn’t believe it was the dogs at all until he heard the 911 tape with the dogs barking in the background and you can tell they’re really close,” Roberts said. “Then he seemed kind of baffled.”

“The homeowner did take the phone into AT&T to find out if there was anything wrong with the phone,” Roberts added. “They confirmed that there was not.”

Fox 9

Apprehending a few animals was a first for Roberts who has been on the force for 20 years.

The dispatcher received a total of 16 calls from the 911-pups.

And while Roberts usually does not spend her days like this — she was happy the “emergency” ended up being an accident.

“It is kind of unheard of for them to be up to those kinds of shenanigans,” Roberts shared. “It’s mind-blowing, really.”

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