This cat wanders onto soccer field, halting game and decides not to leave

During a Premier League soccer game between Everton and Wolverhampton Wanders — an unexpected player meandered onto the field.

At the 67-minute mark, a black cat walked onto the field, halting the game.

While it is not specified how the cat was able to make its way onto the field at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England, it very clearly was saying “give me attention right meow.”

The feline was not shy when it came to crowds — as it took its sweet time prancing around the goal as well as the sidelines for all to see.

As the cat ran to the each sideline, not one player or official lent a hand to help the cat escape.

I guess you could say they were a couple of “scared-y cats!”

Folks were quick to comment on the humorous “tail,” saying:

“I love how the announcer is convinced somebody smuggled the cat in there and released him as a joke as if cats aren’t magical creatures who can and do go wherever the hell they want.”

“Why didn’t we sign that cat in January!!!!”

“Dude is a classic box to box midfielder. Someone offer him a contract.”

Image via Twitter

“Stray cats can be common around stadiums because of the prodigious amounts of rats and mice that all the discarded food attracts. Fenway park in Boston has quite a few cats that hang around for that reason.”

“Wow! The first time I ever saw anything exciting happen in a soccer game.”

“11/10 let the cat play soccer.”

“Closest they’ll be to the Premier League anytime soon……”

“Hey can you reset my login to my fantasy team so I can pick up that cat.”


Most stadium prove very attractive to cats as they offer lots of food and shelter – much restaurant and apartment trash bins – and draw a huge homeless cat population.

Image via pxhere

Almost everyone has come in contact with a stray animal at one point in their lives and have wondered what they should do.

The first step is to figure out whether the animal is feral or a stray, which can be tricky.

The most sure way to test which the animal is, is to capture it indoors or in a cage, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

While this may not always be an accurate test, a feral cat will most likely resist being inside any type of enclosure.

Image via pixabay

If you are not sure how to get the animal into an enclosure, remember to create some type of barrier like a leash or a piece of clothing to corner the animal, suggests the Humane Society.

It should also be noted that if you do attempt to catch the animal — you will most likely scare it away or get attacked.

To lure it into an enclosure, be sure to have a few tasty treats handy to lead the animal into your enclosure.

Last but not least, take the animal straight to the vet, if possible.

Image via pexels

At the vest, you can request it to be scanned for a microchips which should reveal the owner’s contact information.

But if the pet does not have a microchip, calling any local police department, animal shelter or animal control agency and leaving them a description of the pet will help owners who are actively searching for their lost pet.

And don’t forget to post an ol’e fashion “found” ad online or in your local newspaper or online Facebook group.

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