Budget Better: The 5 best Kirkland products to buy at Costco

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There’s always tons of discussion around store brand versus name brand products. Name brand products are always a sure bet, but these items typically err on the pricier side of their counterparts. Generic brands are almost always cheaper, but it’s argued you sacrifice quality and reliability with these purchases.

However, Costco’s Kirkland Signature line has turned the idea upside down that store brands are inferior. Kirkland Signature products can be as good — or better — than similar items from big-name manufacturers.

Kiplinger named their top Kirkland picks from the warehouse club, based on consumer satisfaction and ingredient standards, and a few kitchen staples made the list.

Check out the gallery below for the best Kirkland products to buy at Costco and why:

1. Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Image via Costco

This product is one of a few imported oils tested that met international and U.S. standards for extra-virgin olive oil, according to a study by University of California, Davis. 

2. Kirkland Signature Bacon

Image via Costco

Consumer Reports gave Kirkland Signature Bacon an ‘excellent’ rating. 

3. Kirkland Signature Tequila Añejo 

Image via Max Pixel

Costco is known for it’s superior liquor collection — and the Kirkland Signature line is a customer favorite. Kirkland Signature Tequila Añejo received a score in the ‘exceptional’ range, according to the director of the Beverage Tasting Institute’s Tastings.com

4. Kirkland Signature Egg Nog Liqueur

Image via flickr

This booze received top marks from Tastings.com, as well.

5. Kirkland Signature Vodka

Image via pxhere

Costco-brand vodka is praised for its great taste and low price.

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