Middle school girl sent to principal for stopping others from giving the Nazi salute

An 11-year-old from Tennessee has allegedly been reprimanded by her school for standing up against children who gave the Nazi salute.

The girl was allegedly sent to the principal’s office after informing a group of students making the Nazi “Sieg Heil” salute “Stop it, put your hands down now.”

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The father posted his plea to twitter, saying:

“Please comment with support for my 11-year-old daughter. She was removed from class and sent to the principal’s office for the rest of the day last Thursday for shouting, ‘Stop it, put your hands down now,’ to a group of students giving the Nazi salute.”

Apparently, the incident happened when a student who had been given the task of portraying Adolf Hitler for a school project was then instructed by the teacher to make the infamous Nazi hand gesture.

And according to a statement from Rutherford County Schools given to BuzzFeed News, the gesture was an isolated incident during a classroom exercise but as a result, “one student became upset and had an outburst.”

But the father of the girl dismissed the statement, saying that gesture did not just happen during a historical demonstration during class.

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“Children at school have been giving Nazi salutes in the hallways and at recess for weeks, after a teacher assigned a student to give the Nazi salute in a Hitler costume for an assignment.”

Gamble then said when his daughter objected, teachers told her not to discuss it and that she has also been “targeted personally with Nazi salutes.”

“Each time, my daughter spoke out even though she was told by a teacher ‘not to address it.’ She has been bullied by classmates and targeted personally with Nazi salutes, so school feels lonely sometimes.” Gamble penned.

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He then requested from the online community to send supportive messages for his daughter and that is exactly what he got.

“Your daughter is a hero. She’s amazing and I’m sure you are so, so proud of her. I can’t wait to tell my 11 year old about it, because I could see her doing the same. Let her know she’s got a soul-sister in FL. I hope these outpourings of love help to cheer her up!”

“Rock on! young lady. You did the right thing!”

“All the feels for your daughter. This was my experience as a kid, and it changed me in ways no one could have predicted. Calling out her [emotionally] as disrespect is an admin excuse I’ve never heard–way to discipline the wrong party. hugs to her. “

“This was heartbreaking to read keep telling her she is right for standing up and not to let others being her down.”

Pictured: Gamble family
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“Congratulations on raising a daughter to stand up/speak out against injustice and hate. My daughter (13) is going through similar situations. I remind her that her conscience and integrity are worth more than being popular. There are people who stand with her, she is not alone.”

Gamble became overwhelmed with the outpouring of love, later posting to Twitter:

“Thank you so much for your messages of encouragement for my daughter! My wife is writing them in a journal to give to her. We never imagined such an uplifting outpouring of support.”

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