Stray pup refuses to stop chasing after bus until driver adopts her

Jaypee Barcelinia got on a bus in Quezon City, Phillippines, when he unexpectedly shared his seat with a commuter that was on the fuzzier side.

And after witnessing the amazing lengths the stray dog carried out in an attempt to board, he was happy to make room for the animal.

“The stray dog was sitting in a public road, then when our jeepney [a form of local public transportation] passed by, she suddenly chased the jeepney and she wanted to take a ride,” Barcelinia shared with The Dodo.

Image via Newsflare

The dog attempted to leap on to the jeepney six times, according to Barcelinia, but each time she attempted, she failed.

Whenever the bus would slow down, the dog would place her front paws on the back step, falling off as soon as the bus would pull away.

At first, the driver was reluctant to allow the dog to board as they were worried the dog may act out and bite a passenger.

“At first, the jeepney driver was afraid to get the dog because here in the Philippines it is unusual to see a dog chasing a jeep,” Barcelinia said.

Image via Newsflare

But no matter how tired the dog became – she seemed insistent on catching up to the vehicle.

Eventually, the driver fell victim to those puppy eyes and allowed the dog to board.

But this time, the tired dog did not try to put her paws on the back step but rather waited — as if to ask for permission to hop on.

The dog finally got what she wanted — a rest in the shade of a covered vehicle.

“She entered the jeepney then took a nap inside,” Barcelinia said.

Image via Newsflare

But that wasn’t all…

”Even after the journey finished the dog didn’t want to leave,” Barcelinia told Newsflare. “The driver is now keeping her and taking care of her.”

To help stray dogs in the Philippines find homes, you can make a donation to The Philippine Animal Awareness Society (PAWS).

“Every year, the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center cares for over 500 dogs and cats rescued from cruelty and neglect. We provide food, shelter and as much love and attention as possible for those animals who come into our care and we do our best to find them loving, permanent homes.”

“PAWS is a private, non-profit, volunteer organization which receives no funding from the government nor from any international organization for the operational costs of running its shelter. You can help shelter animals by choosing to contribute funding for food, vaccination, spay and neuter, healthcare or maintenance of the shelter.”

Image via Newsflare

And if you cannot give at this time, consider lobbying for more humane rules and regulations when it comes to animal practices in the Philippines.

“Although PAWS pioneered the campaign for animal welfare in the Philippines and was successful into getting the ANIMAL WELFARE ACT into a national law, change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, patience and a lot of information dissemination for our advocacy to be heard and the laws to be implemented.

PAWS has campaigned intensively against dolphin shows and other wild animals being used for entertainment, and we were also the first to file a Court Case against the cruel practice of dog fights.

Aside from this, we also look after the welfare of farm animals by lobbying for rules & regulations on the humane slaughter of livestock and by working with government agencies on issues involving animal health and public health.”

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