This mental health influencer claims pizza helps her powerlift

Aleen N Johnson is the fit pizza girl who has praised her love of the every-time snack so much that she tattooed it on her skin.

Aleen – who goes by Aly – is an active US Air Force member as well as a lifter and a pizza connoisseur.

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And her love for the cheesy delight was actually inspired by her time in the forces.

“While I was deployed from July 2016-Feb 2017, the only thing enjoyable to eat was Pizza Hut,” she shared.

“Soon after, people started to joke around about how much I loved pizza because I was ordering it about every other night for dinner.”

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“One night before we all flew back to the States, someone bet me that I wouldn’t get a pizza tattoo on my butt for ‘pizza dat *ss’ and the rest is history.”

“The pizza tattoo I got after my deployment was the small slice, and then after I gained 60k followers I got the huge pizza tattoo on the right side of my butt – because ‘go big or go home’.”

“There are a few other girls who have pizza tattoos but I am THEfitpizzagirl, so of course, I had to go big.”

She went on, saying:

“I plan on getting more pizza tattoos in the near future,”

But there is more to the story than just plain ole pizza.

Aly uses her lifting and training her regime as a tool to fight her mental health battle.

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Aly fights depression, anxiety as well as PTSD but credits her love of lifting (as well as fueling her lifting through pizza carbs) to help her get through her issues.

“I began to use fitness as my outlet,” she shared. “I had never worked out with a barbell in my life but I knew that I needed a change, I knew I needed to make a change, and I was willing to take risks.”

“As a powerlifter, carbs are your best friend and everyone gravitated towards my love for this food. I went from weighing 182lbs in January 2018 to weighing in at 155lbs in June 2018.”

“I was officially thefitpizzagirl and it didn’t stop there. During this time I was growing my brand on Instagram and gained 60k followers in six months.”

But her love of pizza is not all that makes this titan a force to be reckoned with.

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Her motivational posts have moved many and the pizza queen is not afraid to share her journey to lift others up — especially when it comes to celebrating others.

“This post is for all of the women who do not compete with other women. Women who are willing to stand in the fire with their sisters. Women who build each other up and rise together. Those women are not just women. Those women are Queens. Please forgive me, I was not able to post every woman that has been there for me but THANK YOU to those who have. I am grateful for all of the support that I have received, but there is nothing better than the support from other bad*ss women who express endless amount of love and admiration for one another’s goals and dreams. Don’t ever stop being YOU and doing what makes you happy, I love you all ♥️”

YOU ARE A QUEEEN – I AM A QUEEN – WE ARE ALL QUEENS! Now who wants some pizza?

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