Ice cream truck owner despises these influencers so much that he charges them double

Joe Nichhi slings ice cream in L.A.’s famous CVT Soft Serve ice cream truck.

And Joe is o v e r influencers.

As of last week – Joe has officially announced that influencers (and especially those who request free ice-cream in exchange for “exposure”) will now bay double at his truck.


Nicchi informed the site how he very often receives these types of request but became “done” last week when he “got an event request to do a party on a weekend for 300 people in exchange for the word [influencers] love to use, which is ‘exposure.'”

He revealed that it was then that he made his decision.

“I can’t do that; I can’t work for free.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

While his first move was “kind of a joke,” he was able to put a sign on his truck which reads: INFLUENCERS PAY DOUBLE.

He then specified that if you ask for a $4 cone for free (for whatever social-media-related reason) you are now paying $8.

And while the photo of him holding the sign along with its caption gained a massive amount of traction on Instagram — it was also went viral on Reddit.

Image via Instagram

But that was not the first time he had revealed his true thoughts on social media against those who wanted to take advantage of his business.

In just a few days before the above post, he posted another picture of the sign to make sure people saw the exact types of influencers he would rather not serve.

“Trust me, I understand the irony of all of this that I’m mocking influencers,” he revealed to VICE. “Now I’m getting some social media credit as influencing non-influencers.”

Snaps for this guy!

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