Man is so obsessed with parrots that he turns into one

Ted Richards loves parrots.

The resident of Bristol, U.K., is so obsessed for the birds that he has went through extensive and extreme body modification surgery to look like them.

The self-described “Parrotman” had his face tattooed to look like he has feathers in the five colors of his very own parrots.

He then risked going blind by having his eyes colored with tattoo ink.

He then decided to cut off his ears, a process that helped him resemble the birds but in return, it impaired his hearing.

Image via YouTube

“Parrots only got little holes anyways, so I had them cut off,” he shared in the clip below. “You know, it’s your body at the end of the day. You should be able to do whatever you want with it.”

Richards, who professionally goes by the name “Ted Parrotman,” admits he didn’t let the risks stop him from altering his body.

“I didn’t think about the complications, you know? I just never thought about that. Because if you looked at negative all the time, you’d never do anything,” he said.

Watch Richards’ adoration for birds in the clip below.

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