Women share their life-saving tricks for when creepy men try to get your number

Unfortunately, the idea of someone (particularly a weird guy) trying to get your number and refusing to accept the word “no,” is far too common today.

So much that one woman, tumblr user daree-to-dream, decided to share her number one trick for getting odd people off her case.

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“Every girl has had the experience where a creepy guy asks for her number and we don’t want to give it to him, but we also don’t want to get gutted in an alley.”

“Give him a fake number!” I hear you call. Okay and then he says “okay let me call you real quick!” Because they are learning. “Give them your number and then block them!” Okay and then they can plug it into something like Spokeo, pay $10 and know everything about you. So what do you do?”

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“First pick a fake name, I use Jessica, then download the Google Voice app, hook it up to your email, pick a number, and set up a fake greeting with your fake name. You can set it to ring your actual phone like a normal call or text but they don’t have real info on you. Go forth and don’t get murdered ladies.”

The post went viral very quickly via tumblr for obvious reasons.

And better yet, women began to share their tips on how to get rid of creepy guys.

So without further ado, if you have a weirdo being weird to you, the internet has your back:

“After repeatedly telling a guy I wasn’t available yet continuing to be harassed, I gave the guy my husbands number.”

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“I tell them I have herpes [and] it works like a charm.”

“I have a boyfriend. p.s. if you don’t get a pic with you standing next to a BIG tough looking guy. It’s a professional travel tip.”

“There’s also a free to use phone app called Fongo.”

“Also, have a healthy relationship with the word “no.””

“And always wear shoes you can run in. And at night, have somebody you trust walk you to your car. ’70s flashback.”

“Use the local police dept number.”

“Pick your nose and wipe it on them.”

“Just pretend you are getting the call, then see a notification that your mom called or something and get outta there.”

“I always give my number with the wrong area code so I sound confident giving it. Then I just say yup.”

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“Or you could just be honest and say “No I don’t want to give you my number.” Wrong numbers are misleading and cruel.”

“I just used a fake name and address when I signed up for my cell service.”

“Tell your provider you want your number unlisted or unpublished. Use Spoofcard. Use prepaid phones. There are ways.”

And my personal favorite:

“Tazers are like $20 on Amazon.”

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