Parents dare their son to wear hot dog costumes for school photo ID

A couple based in Maine, Craig and Kari Arsenault, dared their 9-year-old son to dress up as a hot dog for his school photo which after posted it to Facebook page, it went viral.

“My wife and I dared our son to wear a hotdog costume for school pictures,” Craig wrote in a Facebook post. “The school let him do it, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Image via Kari Arsenault

“The costume was my wife’s idea. Jake didn’t know what to wear so she jokingly suggested the hot-dog costume. It was laying around the house after Jake wore it 2 years ago for Halloween,” Craig revealed.

He later agreed to the idea after his parents gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse: $10 in cash.

“He was nervously giddy at the idea of doing it, and he’s a bit of a clown, so thought it would be funny. His classmates thought it was awesome. There were whispers all day in the hall about “some kid who wore a hot dog for pictures,” Craig shared.

Image via Kari Arsenault

The parents then wrote Jake a permission slip to make sure the boy’s teachers knew that the decision was okay. Needless to say, Craig and Kari were very happy with Jake’s new ID which featured a huge smile.

“He’s basically a celebrity at his school now and he loves it,” the dad shared Bored Panda.

The fourth-grader received a lot of attention and was visited by a Wienermobile – Oscar Mayer’s hot dogs-on-wheels – as the company wanted to give Jake an added bonus for the now-viral photo.

Image via Kari Arsenault