Yes, people really are using their empty wine bottles to create Christmas trees; Here is how you can make yours

Do you love Christmas? Do love decorating? But more importantly, do you love booze? Then do we have the Christmas tree for you!

If you haven’t heard already, Christmas trees made up of empty wine bottles and fairy lights are the new rage and House Beautiful magazine has shared a few tips on how to construct your very own boozy and beautiful tree this year.

Image via Instagram

The magazine states:

“Now that you’ve got your supplies, it’s time to get building (while simultaneously drinking, probably). Place your wine rack where you want your tree to go and wrap the frame in string lights.”

“It’s just like decorating a regular tree, except pine needles aren’t sticking you in the face every time you wrap your lights around.”

Image via Instagram

“Now that things are seriously lit, start stacking your empty bottles, working from the ground up. Once you’ve got your bottles stacked, add one at the top to look like a tree topper. Plug in your lights and pour yourself a cup of cheer.”

What are you waiting for?!