Couple uses life-size cardboard cut-out to stop son from crying when leaving the room

One mother has found a new hack to stop her child from crying when she leaves the room — she leaves a cardboard cut-out of herself behind, tricking the boy into thinking she is still there.

Fuki Sato along with her husband, shared two photos on Twitter and many were impressed. In both photos posted, their son is having fun in his playpen. One cut-out version of her is in the kitchen, while the other picture of her is her crouching down as if she is about to play with him.

Image via Twitter

It should be noted however that both replicas are just out the baby’s reach so the jig would not be up.

The dad also noted that at no point was their son left alone completely as both parents are not far away and check on him every 20 minutes.

Okay parents, time to find the nearest life-size-card-board-cut-out store by you, am I right?!